Steph Jagger

Brand Strategy, Web Design + Development, Digital Goods



Steph Jagger — an amazing coach, author, and outdoor enthusiast — came to us with the desire to up her branding game. Her current website didn’t feel like her, and her current visual identity wasn’t allowing her to grow. So she came to us to make sure everything about her brand inspires, coaches, and motivates people, just like she does.

She had a vision of what she wanted her brand to feel like and looked to us to help her create it. The end product? A brand that gives her the charge to do more, and be more!

Steph has now built her dream coaching team, developed the well known “Great Big Journey” series, and has been able to work with more people, one-on-one, to reach their goals through her “get shit done” mentality of coaching and encouragement. Her new brand also paved the way for her to write her own best selling book, Unbound.

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"Standing ovation. Standing, freaking ovation for Outlaw!

There is nothing I like more than to partner with strong, creative women who are running their own show. Sasha is exactly that, and, with her help, I have a site that I could literally sit and look for hours a day...whilst drooling.

I can't wait to share it with my tribe! Her work is clean, energetic, sophisticated, and inspired...and it's functional too boot, which is exactly what I'm looking for in the design hungry, fast-paced world we live in."

- Steph Jagger, Success Coach & Author


Steph’s project shows that effective branding goes well beyond a logo or website; it propels your business forward.

Are you ready to create some momentum?