“Deep down, I knew what I wanted, but I hesitated for quite some time. Until I met Sasha. From the get-go, I felt like she understood my vision — I wanted my online brand to be a place where people could feel my compassion and hear my authentic voice! And that is exactly what Sasha and her amazing team created for me.

We started with a thorough discovery session, which led to a complete Brand Strategy Guide; even at the very beginning, I was overwhelmed with excitement and happy tears. The brand design also captured the essence of who I was like no one had ever… it was such a powerful moment for me! And finally, my Website, a beautiful online home for my business, which I am beyond excited to show off and share with my peers over and over.  

Sasha connected with me at a deeper, core level — she, genuinely and equally, expressed interested in me as a person as well as my business.”

- Rebecca Douros