Megan Kathleen Photography

Brand Strategy + Design, Web Design + Development, Messaging + Copywriting



Megan came to us because she wanted to turn her passion for photography into a legit business and brand. What started as a side hobby quickly turned into a business, after Megan started sharing her pictures online. Although social media was great way to share her work, she knew that she needed a more professional online home, and so she turned to us, to help with creating a fresh new brand and website.

With a deep love for the outdoors, we created a color palette for Megan with grounded earth tones, and also explored different outdoor textures for her logo — landing on a clean, yet slightly rugged mark, that brings together a tree-ring, the mountains, and a sun. If you look closely you will also see an M for Megan.

From there, we brought it all together in a user-friendly website, to showcase her story, her work, and what she does best.