Case Study : Dean Street Society

encouraging beauty


Scope of Work

Web Design & Development, Marketing Design and Program Launch Support


Project Overview


A couple years ago Hilary came to us with the desire to make a bigger impact online.

She had DIYed her current website and felt like it was time to refine/redesign. current visual identity wasn’t allowing her to grow. So she came to us to help her make sure everything about her brand inspires, coaches, and motivates people just like she does.

She had a vision of what she wanted her brand to feel like and looked to us to help create it. 

The end product? A brand that gives her the charge to allow her to do more, and be more!

Eventually, her new brand also paved the way for her to write her own best selling book, Unbound.

Steph has now built her dream coaching team, developed the well known “Great Big Journey” series, and been able to work with more people, one-on-one, to reach their goals through her “get shit done” mentality of coaching and encouragement.


" I didn't even know what I was missing until Sasha came around! 

Sasha was so pro and on top of everything. The way she presented options and walked me through the design process was invaluable.

I'm confident that I have not only a really clean crisp site on the front end but also behind the scenes. As a stylist I love to teach my clients to fish rather than just fish for them, so finding a web designer who also loves to teach empowerment has also been a dream come true!"



Dean Street Society is all about empowering women to step into their confidence – and so are we!

Are you ready to turn your business into a confident brand?