squarespace Design Session

A digital facelift, without all the fuss, or investment.

Whether your website is outdated or you've DIY-ed your own site and it's just not working out like you planned, our Design Sessions are perfect for people looking for some guidance and direction in their web presence.

What’s included;

  • Brand Questionnaire

  • Live Site Critique — with our lead designer Sasha.

  • Recommended Revision List

  • 90-minute Virtual Design Session


We'll start with a brand questionnaire — to get to know you, your brand, and the purpose of your website. Then you'll jump on a 60-minute call with our lead strategist and designer Sasha, who will review and critique your current website and provide useful feedback on what’s working, what’s not, and what you need to do to up your web game!

After the call you’ll receive a full list of our recommended site revisions that you can start working on in-house or hand off to a designer. Receive a detailed list of suggested revisions to work on during your Design Session call.

If any specific content is needed for your design session (copy, images, graphics, etc.,) need to be added to your site you will also be asked to share content via dropbox.

Then watch your site transform as you work through your revisions directly with Sasha in a 90-minute virtual Design Session,

I discovered Sasha through the work she had done for some other well-known coaches in my industry and having seen the results, I knew that wanted to work with Sasha. However, I was not at the stage in my business where I could hand over the complete web design process. So being able to work with Sasha for a design session was brilliant! Not only did I learn so much, but I was able to get the benefit of her beautiful design eye that she brings to all her client’s projects, which helped bring my brand alive!

Sasha will take you from a place of feeling confused and overwhelmed to creating a brand and website that you love in a mere matter of hours.
— Cindy Murphy
I tried to create my own website and it ended up feeling like a DIY gone wrong. I was a little skeptical that less than two hours of time with a designer would make much of a difference, but I was willing to take a chance to get my website looking more presentable.

Within the first 30 minutes of our call I already felt like I had a brand new site! Sasha’s so extremely talented and helpful. She walked me through every page giving me design tips and changing things along the way.
— Sandra M.
Sasha is so talented, so easy to talk to, wonderful to work with and a true gift! I enjoyed my time working with her so much. Seriously, it was a game-changer for me, worth every penny... and then some! I am more confident in my website than I’ve ever been and I have a feeling it won’t be the last time I reach out for help! Thank You!
— Kate LaRosa

Frequently Asked Questions


+ What do I need to have prepared for a design session?

Just one thing! Your website needs to be live (or ready to launch) for us to review. If you’re looking for help setting up your site please check out our other web services.

+ Does my site have to be on squarespace?

Yes. We work exclusively on Squarespace so it's important that your site is already setup on this platform.

+ Do I have to have my website finished?

Yes. Design Sessions are for a website that is already complete, or close to it! If you’re looking for help setting up your site please check out our other web services.

+ Does the design session include coding work?

No. Although site revisions can include a variety of custom options, a Design Session does not include advanced coding work. If you are looking for more advanced development please reach out to us with your specific needs.

+ What if I need more help?

If you are looking for more help building, or rebuilding, your website we are here for you! Please take a peek at our other web services for other ways that we can work together.


Have some questions of your own?  Please email us!