Design By Sasha Kill

If you're really serious about taking your business to the next level then this package was made for you!

This is an all inclusive package with everything you need, and then some, to really elevate your brand. 

You'll be working alongside our team to build a truly unforgettable web presence from the ground up.

Starting with our Brand Suite, to develop a one-of-a-kind visual identity, you'll work side by side with an expert designer to really bring your brand to life. From defining the who, what, and why of your business to creating a complete brand strategy that will serve as a road map as we begin building out your branding elements, this includes all the goods of course; full logo, secondary logo, sub mark, color palettes, fonts, and plenty of extra design elements to choose from like PDF design, and even stationary!

And we're just getting started... Once we wrap up your brand design we'll dive straight into crafting a one-of-a-kind website just for you!

We'll start with a site planning session to talk over strategy and design direction, then you'll work with our amazing copywriter to make sure your copy resonates with the heart your ideal client.

And, finally, we'll break out the bubbly, as a culmination of everything comes together in a website that's completely on brand! Safe to say, "you'll be staring at your website for days... whilst drooling" (our client's words, not ours!)


This Package Can Include;


online Strategy SessioN

Get started on the right track with a one on one strategy session with our lead designer and web pro Sasha. 

Get crystal clear on your web goals, what should be included on your website, how to increase conversion rates, and outline a strategy on how to make it happen!

Full Brand design

A one on one session with your designer to help you define the personality, style and visual aesthetic of your brand.

And all the brand elements that you need to bring your brand to life! Logo, brand colors, business cards, social media squares, the works!

Landing Page

A perfect place holder for your URL while we get to work behind the scenes building out your new brand and website.

We can also add an opt in so you can capture emails and let people know when you're site goes live!



Count to seven. That's how long you have to capture your audience online.

Needless to say, having great copy on your website is crucial. That's why we've included 4 hours with our super talented  copywriter. More hours upon request.


A site planning session with our expert. Up to 8 web pages, including blogs, forms, hidden pages, and you name it! 

Up to 10 hours of advanced development, custom coding to make your site truly one of a kind!

extended Support

A dedicated project manager by your side to help answer questions and help organizing all of your web content. 

Also, receive two weeks of email support as well as a client check-in three months after launch!


websites also include

Mobile-friendly design, social media and CRM integration, SEO basics, hassle free domain name pointing, and other optional add ons; like setting up a custom email template and Commerce.


Some of our FAVES

Distinct, beautiful,custom design from the ground up!

The Extraordinary Brand Package starts at $8297

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Frequently asked questions


+ What platform do you build sites on?

We build exclusively on Squarespace. As an award winning squarespace specialist for over 6 years we can’t say enough about the platform and what it’s capable of.

+ How much does a custom branding and web design cost?

Project estimates are tailored to your specific needs, but in general, we've found that most projects of this caliber start around $8300. Payment plans are available.

+ How long does the process take?

In general, we've found that most projects, depending on the scope of work, take approximately 5 to 6 weeks from start to finish.

+ How far out do I need to schedule my project?

These projects tend to book out approximately two to three months on our calendar. That being said, we've found that the extra time is perfect for clients to prep and make sure they have all their content (images, copy, and other) ready to go!

+ Is there a down payment?

Yes. Depending on your payment plan, 30-50% of your project estimate is due immediately upon booking your project with us. Once the initial payment is received your project will be officially added to our books, and we will not book anyone else during that timeframe.

+ What do I need to have ready for my project?

Your Project Manager will guide you through all the specifics, but to do our very best work we will need any and all content before we can start your actual website build.

+ What if I don't need a full branding package?

We offer everything from full branding packages to hourly design work. So if you let us know what you're looking for we will most likely be able to assist.

+ What’s the difference between a basic site and custom brand + web design?

To put it simply, StartUp and Stand Out Websites are simple, yet beautiful, sites that include up to 6 web pages. Branding is not included in the StartUp Package.
The Unforgettable Brand Package includes all-that-and-the-kitchen-sink! To put it simply it's the best of what we do. You'll get the full brand suite, online strategy sessions, 4 hours of copywriting, full custom web development, and enough revision time to dial in even the smallest of details!

+ What's included in the brand design?

To see what our branding suite includes please click here.

+ Will I recieve instruction on how to manage the site?

Yes. Absolutely! Our goal is to create a website that you're not only extremely proud of, but one that you're in control of! After launch you'll receive custom tutorials from our team to walk you through managing your brand new site.

+ Will I recieve any kind of long term support?

Yes. With two weeks of unlimited email support you won't ever feel "left hangin" Annnd just to make sure everything is running as smooth we'll check in with you three months after launch!
You'll also get exclusive access to our new members community!


Have some questions of your own?  Please email us!