One-on-one business coaching with Sasha Kill, our lead brand strategist and designer, to help you break things down, gain clarity around your goals, and give you an action plan to take your brand to the next level.

Together, we'll assess your current business to identify what’s working, what’s not, and strategize ways to further develop and refine your processes and build your brand. 

Topics include; business strategy, visual branding, messaging, web design, online marketing and social media, list building, opt-ins and funnels. developing internal processes, hiring, outsourcing, and more.

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“I booked a call with Sasha because I was feeling frustrated and stuck in growing my business. I hadn’t booked any clients in almost six months and all the “no’s” were starting to take a toll. I wasn’t sure what to do next and was overwhelmed.

Sasha listened to me and asked some questions to get me to open up about my goals and what I was struggling with. In a nurturing way, she encouraged me to let go of some of the emotion I was holding on to and instead use that energy to refine some processes. She was able to pinpoint three specific areas that I could start working on in my business. It was straightforward and practical advice and she outlined simple actionable steps that I felt 100% confident in doing.

Immediately after our call I felt focused and back on track! I went to work right away implementing what we had discussed and have been absolutely blown away by the results. In one week I have received three inquiries that have led to $16K in sales!!

 More than that, for the first time in forever I feel excited to dive back into my work again and pour my heart into my projects.

I am still in shock at the impact that just one coaching session has made in my business. I will continue to work with Sasha and refer people to her as well. If you feel stuck, or just want to see major changes in your business don’t even hesitate, book a session with her!”

- Megan Kathleen