A series of questions to get to know you, your business, and your dream brand


A virtual one on one session with your designer to review your brand guide.

Brand Strategy


One full concept, 2 refinements (up to 6 hours), and a finalized custom mark

ABBREVIATED LOGO - A coordinated sub mark, monogram, or watermark based on your approved full logo 

COLOR PALETTE - The recommended color palette for your brand

Digital Color Cards - Digital brand color swatches with RGB, CMYK, and HTML color codes

Style Guide

A handy PDF outlining your brand strategy, logo variations, typography, colors, and brand inspiration to ensure consistency

Business Cards - Two-sided digital business card design to send off for print

Social Media Essentials Kit - Two Facebook or Twitter banners and up to ten social media squares, perfect for sharing images, quotes or other inspiration on any social media feed

Transfer of Files - All branding files and custom designs are transferred to you upon completion of the project