Wanna be our BRAND MANAGER?


We’re looking for someone with a remarkable blend of creativity, tech savvy, dedication and leadership to successfully manage the outreach of Outlaw Creative!


This position is right for you if:


Outlaw Creative is small supportive, dynamic, creative, and innovative team.  We not only take care of each other, but we are bullish about addressing the needs of our clients.  We are eager to make a difference - in our lives, in our clients lives, and in the world! 

We have big dreams and we have the drive in takes to make them happen.  Sound like a good fit?

YOU could be OUR BFF

We're looking for our soul mate...  No, but seriously!  It’s important that you not only understand the personality and voice of Outlaw Creative but that you can easily see yourself being an evangelist for our brand! 

And just like a great date - To hang with us, you need to be able to work hard, have fun, be outgoing, learn from others, collaborate as a team, and more than anything have an underlying passion for what you do. 


You should have a special place in your heart for facebook, instagram and pinterest. 

This position is responsible for coming up with andimplementing new ideas, collaborating with designers (or other teammates) for specific marketing material/imagery, and making sure we're posting in a timely manner on a social media outlets.

Overall you will be expected to help drive our online brand.


Beyond analyzing digital data, this position requires the ability to create viable strategies and action plans around our brand vision to increase the value we provide to our followers (and their businesses). 


We want our Brand Manager to be like an over protective parent who wants to see their brand flourish, but not get damaged in the process. 

Whether it's regarding a Facebook post, an image on instagram, a blog topic, or a new product feature, we firmly believe that creating and monitoring communications are key to bolstering the OC brand's reputation. 


You're proactive, and thrive on staying in the front of the pack - spotting new trends to implement into brand strategies to help grow our company’s reach and reputation.     

We love new ideas and encourage you to bring new things to the table on a whim.


With a growing team it's important that everyone stays up on communication. 
You will be expected to be a part of "the bigger picture" -- lending ideas, inspiration and advice to other team mates as well as collaborating more directly at times on projects and direction.


We are currently "revamping" the Outlaw Creative Blog and ideally looking for a Brand Manager that is willing to help contribute by creating strategies, topic ideas, and possibly editing and scheduling blog posts directly. This also may include working with a secondary copywriter/editor. 

We're also looking for someone that can throw a good pitch (and we're not talking baseball...) One of our goals for 2019 is speaking (think blogger and tech conferences, workshops and such). Ideally you would also be able to assist in drafting pitches for Outlaw Creative.

This position is NOT right for you if:


If you're just looking for a job. Period. Then this probably isn't a good fit. We're looking for someone to join our family, to be a part of our team and the bigger picture of Outlaw Creative.  Someone that loooves what they do and takes pride in reaching quarterly goals. 


We play from the heart, but to be honest things can get a lot more emotional this way - but so much more worth it.   Regardless, the team is encouraged at all times to be respectful, supportive, and direct.  If you ever come across anything concerning to Outlaw; whether it's a better creative approach, a refinement to a process, etc., you are asked to speak up immediately.   Open-communication is imperative.


If you haven't picked up on it yet, we're a tight knit crew!  We're like family - and you'll be treated as such.  We have independent tasks and goals but ultimately we're all working together to take Outlaw Creative to the next level.


We are a rapidly growing team - Yay!  But, this means all hands are on deck all the time!  After the training period you'll be let loose to do what you do best.  After presenting strategies and ideas to the team you will receive independent tasks for the week/month/quarter... And it will be your responsibility to create a plan of action, ask for (other team members) help or collaborative, and hold to a specific timeline.  Ability to meet deadlines are extremely important here. 

Other Important information that you should know before applying


If you are looking for a full-time position with a plethora of benefits, we have those big dreams too (think health insurance, company retreats, retirement plans...)!!  But, unfortunately we're just not there yet.

This is a virtual part-time "as needed" position that we currently estimate starting at about 5+ hours/week and growing into part time.  Hours are flexible, but set/consistent.

Estimated hourly rate is determined by experience. And will be negotiated in the last round of the application process.


We are looking for someone with a semi-flexible schedule.  Although we would ideally like this person to be able to work during the morning hours somewhere between9am - 1pm (CT) we are flexible in seeing what might work best for you.  It is important to note that this position will have weekly 15min meetings with Sasha to go over weekly objectives, goals, and to review projects on the horizon.


Are you still with me? 

If the above sounds like you and you're ready to apply please answer the following questions and send to team@outlaw-creative.com with the subject line "Brand Manager Application"



1.  Why does the idea of working with Outlaw Creative and the Brand Manager position specifically make your heart sing?  Why do you believe you are the perfect person for the job?  (This may include your past work experience if applicable.)


2. Where do you excel?  What are your best skills sets?  (Sell us on why your talents would bless Outlaw Creative.)


3. What is your current work scenario.  How soon would you be available to begin working for Outlaw? Do you have another job, if so what are the hours and do you foresee any time conflicts?  We would also love to know what your ideal work scenario would be with Outlaw Creative. 


4. Where you'd like to be in 2 years with your life and career?



5.  On social media we aim to provide valuable tools, tips, stories and other inspiration that resonate with our target market.  Please give us three to five ideas that you have for OC social media topics.


PLEASE read the three Brand Manager goals below and then respond to the last questions;

Brand Manager Goals

  • Capturing leads and growing our email list

  • Consistent growth in our digital marketing (social media platforms)

  • Assistance in building and launching digital marketing campaigns

  • Blogging - Focusing on our ideal client, the ambitious and creative entrepreneur - topics include; web/website tips, squarespace advice, entrepreneur advice, and overall creative inspiration.

  • Speaking at workshops and conferences that target our ideal clients


7.  Give us a couple fresh ideas (short-term and long-term) that you would bring to the table that would help us get started on the right track to meeting the above goals for our blog (feel free to just riff here about strategies, topic ideas, and anything else that you would like to add)


8. Write a pitch.  There's a large bloggers conference coming up in January called ALT Summit.  I would like you to write a pitch for Outlaw Creative/Sasha to speak on Branding and/or web design or whatever else you think might be most fitting (in truth you'd be given more guidance and insight from me, but this is just to get a feel for your gut instincts and writing style).

The pitch should include up to two paragraphs that highlight what Outlaw Creative specializes in and can bring to the table for this specific event.


8. What are a couple ideas that you have for building our email list?



I'm so honored you'd want to join in this story and adventure, and hope you're the next to join our team!