BRAND Assignment



Brand Questionnaire

We believe that YOU are your brand, so we'll start with a brand questionnaire that will help us to get to know the heart and vision of your brand. This exercise helps us define things like your personality, values, and story. We'll also get clear on who your ideal client is and what kind of experience you want to create for them. 

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Inspiration Board

Now that you've given us some background info let's dive into the visual look and feel of your brand!

We know it can be overwhelming trying to identify your brand's style. After all you want a look and feel that not only represents you well, but something that will resonate with your audience, and something that will stay evergreen and fresh far into the future! To help determine your style, inspiration or "mood boards" have become an essential part of our branding process. 

To start, we recommend creating your inspiration board in pinterest - as it's easy to share with us directly. (If you prefer you can also upload images or screenshots of inspiration to your dropbox folder under "Brand Inspiration"). 

In pinterest, start by creating a new board called “Branding” or “Outlaw Creative” (you can choose to keep the board public or make it a hidden private board). After you've created your board, just start pinning!

What should you pin? We recommend pinning a few different things in each of these different categories; personal style, colors and textures, fonts/typography, logo examples, and, other art and inspiration. (See examples here)

As you finish pinning your inspiration please share the board by adding Outlaw Creative, or you can send the direct link to (Important: You must follow Outlaw Creative on pinterest before we will be able to view any private boards -- you can find and follow us here.)




Questions? Please email us!