8 Years + 8 Things (part two)

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We’re back at it this week with the second part to our 8 years + 8 things podcast.

In case you missed last week we’re celebrating 8 years in business here at outlaw and thought it would be fun to highlight 8 things that we’ve learned along our journey!

If you missed last week, you can go listen to that podcast here.

Show Notes

We’re back at it this week with the second part to our 8 years + 8 things podcast.

Let’s dive in;

5. Invest in your business

Like me, you probably started your businesses for some kind of financial freedom. So when you start gaining traction and those dollar bills finally start rolling in, it can be pretty difficult to take that hard-earned cash and put it back into your business.

And if you are a high achiever like I am (I’m guessing you might be) You will THINK that you can do all the things, and maybe you can, but if you want your business to really grow (and if you want to stay sane in the process) you need to learn how to invest in the pieces that are outside your zone of genius.

What can you invest in that will help you to free up your most valuable asset – time! What can you invest in that will give you the biggest return on investment?

I know the twinge that you can get in your gut when you’re looking to invest in the big-ticket items like business coaching, brand design, web design. But it’s extremely helpful to remember that most of these kinds of high cost items can directly impact your business growth by increasing conversions and profit!!

What I admire about so many of the brand that I get to work with is that they aren’t afraid to invest big (you guys it’s honestly a but insane how big they invest), but they know that the return is going to be well worth it!

Remember that  growing a sustainable online business really takes a long-term growth mindset -- which requires investing regularly into the growth of your business.

6. Find a Mentor

There’s a reason why so many successful entrepreneurs work with a business coach — finding a mentor who can challenge, support, and encourage you is priceless!

They say it takes 10K hours to master a new skill. That’s a loooong time friend!

The brilliance in hiring a mentor or coach, is that you get guidance from someone that’s put in a lot more hours than you, someone who knows the road that you’re on, knows where you could get hung up, can give you certain hacks, tell you what to avoid, etc.

In my experience, having a coach has been really invaluable.

Finding the RIGHT coach is key. I’ve hired several different coaches along the way. People that could help me with where I was in my business at a specific time or help with something specifically that I was working on or going through.

I prefer strategic coaching, someone to help me dissect my business, Someone to help me critique, analyze, and prioritize my goals. and give me advice, processes, and different strategies. BUT there are SO many different types of coaches out there, so it’s important to take the time to find the right one for where you are currently and what you need to propel yourself forward in your business.

7. It’s going to get lonely

There are plenty of things that people warn you about when starting a business, being lonely isn’t necessarily one of them.

As business owners are a rare breed. We’re passionate, ambitious, driven, we like to push boundaries, etc.

Matter of fact, that’s why Outlaw is called Outlaw. -- as a nod to the “rebellious entrepreneurs” out there that aren’t afraid to go against the grain --- the business owners that dare to learn, grow and lead, despite the setbacks and challenges. Despite those raised eyebrows!!

But, the downside to that, is that it’s not always easy to find like-minded people to talk business with.

Which can leave you feeling quite lonely in your little entrepreneur bubble. Not to mention that working from home (in isolation) doesn’t help.

I knew that to stay sane I needed to find people that spoke my “language” so I started plugging into some facebook groups and taking some courses with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

The Online Program I first joined was B-School by Marie Forleo and the community I found through this program was really mind-blowing. I went from feeling alone working on my new business venture, to having an amazing community of business owners and creatives (all over the globe) to tap into! This is actually also where I met so many of my awesome clients when I started out!

Having the support from a community of women that GET you, is so empowering.

If you haven’t yet I encourage you to find an online group to plug into. There are so many different facebook groups in all different industries!

Overtime I also found that a little change of scenery can totally help -- just getting out of the house can help a lot.  For a long time, Fridays were my work from anywhere day, where I would find a cool coffee shop, library, or book store to work from. And I feel like it just helped me to recharge and reset in a way.

8. Show Up

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear” 

There are so many ways that fear can creep up in business, but for most of us it’s when we’re doing something new, that we’ve never done before. Whether that’s raising our prices or doing our first facebook live.

But if we want to grow, truly grow, we need to be able to walk through the fear. (tweet this)

Fear holds many of us back from truly showing up. From really being who we were meant to be. Too many of us are holding ourselves back from a bigger life, and bigger goals in our business because we want to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

There are so many people that complain about where their situation - where they are in life, where they wish they could be with their business -- but they don’t take any action to change it.

Why? Because it’s much easier to stay where you are, in a known place -- a comfortable (albeit sometimes painful) little bubble.   

But as William S Burroughs would say “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”

In my business I’ve let fear hold me back in so many different ways, but I have learned to recognize the feeling when it creeps in. And to be able to change it into more of a positive.. I check in with my brain and say “Look, I know this is out of your comfort zone, but it’s going to be okay.”

When you train your brain to keep moving past the negative feelings of fear, you can start showing up in a whole new way! (tweet this)

And it will open your eyes to bigger opportunities, and new ways to put your business out into the world and serve your people.

Thanks for taking the time to let me share these tips with you. It’s been a wild ride over the last 8 years and I’ve really learned so much more than these 8 things, this is kind of just the tip of the iceberg. But I hope you found some of these helpful and can apply them to your own business as well!

We’ll be back next week, but until then, come say hello on insta! You can find us at @outlawcreative


Wishing you a well-caffeinated day!