On Thinking Big.

Are you a big thinker? 

Do you have those rapid-heart-beat, anything-is-possible, seize-the-moment kind of big thoughts? 

If you know me, you know that I thrive on big thoughts... and more than that, taking action on them.

I wanted to be a fire-fighter, so I did.  I wanted to travel the world, so I did... alone.  And, in the face of doubt, and filled with quite a bit of fear I might add, I took this big idea, laced up my shoes, and started my own business. These big thoughts and ideas followed by several "leap's of faith" have become some of the best experiences of my life. 

While I'm no stranger to those raised-eyebrow-looks, I've learned not to hold back. Not to stall in fear. And, I often come back to.. "Why NOT me?!"

So I wanted to encourage you, (especially if you're on the fence about a big idea);

Don't be afraid to think big, dream bigger, push boundaries, leap when opportunity arises! And by all means, doubt doubt.

Pushing past any fear and stepping out can be ridiculously scary - but just think, it could also start an unbelievable adventure!