We know the importance of a good business name and we know what an iconic logo looks like.. think Apple.  But what is "branding" and how can a business infuse meaning into it's identity?

Branding encompasses something much bigger than a name and much more than a logo.  Our brand is reflected in our actions, who we align with, and even who we hire.  It's a company's style or vision, their "culture" and ultimately the set of beliefs that a company stands behind.  

When infused with these beliefs a company's logo becomes more than an icon, it becomes a symbol of the experience you create for a customer. 


To create a successful brand you need clarity, discipline, and consistency. 

1. Clarity

Identify what your company's WHY is, know what you believe, and make it known through everything you (and your staff) say and do. 

2. Discipline

Make decisions that are aligned with your values and that reflect your brand.  Hire and train staff that are aligned with your brand and instill an understanding of your company's beliefs.

3. Consistency

Make sure that everything you do, or invest in, proves your WHY.  Your culture should be infused into Management, Strategy, Marketing, Customer Service, Staff Training and all the other components of business.

"What a company says and does are the means by which a company speaks" - Simon Sinek
Sasha KillComment